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About Future Bright!

Future Bright is a boutique website design agency serving San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa County, Mendocino County, the San Francisco Bay Area, the USA and the world.  We specialize in building websites that create a certain ambiance and beauty to reflect a client’s brand or physical space.  We build websites with a wide range of features including SEO, eCommerce, Sales Funnels, Opt-Ins, directories and more!  We bring beautiful design together with technical expertise to build websites that launch our clients forward.

We provide expert SEO services, Social Media Management, Newsletter Mailing, and more.  Whether you have a sales goal of $100,000 or  $10 million, we have a team to support you!  We have a strategic and analytical approach to each project, and we examine a company’s business processes to determine how their online presence can be integrated into their sales funnel.

Why Choose Future Bright?

Our clients can do anything with the sites that we build for them.  We build powerful systems that also happen to be very beautiful.  Our website development services integrate client engagement, sales, relationship management and common-sense SEO led data architecture into everything that we build.

“Give your audience what they need to make an informed decision.”  That is our goal.  We combine user experience with design and function to move your users through to a sale or engagement.  We also are data geeks, so we take a benchmark at the start of the project of visitors, sales, and other data, and monitor that data monthly.

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Wendy Louise Nog, Director, Future Bright
Meet Our Founder

Future Bright was founded by Wendy Louise Nog in 2015.  She has been building and managing digital brands since the early days of the World Wide Web.  She has a multi-disciplinary undergraduate degree in Business, Computer Science and Fine Arts, and a Master’s Degree in Technology Management.  Wendy is one of those unique individuals that combines technology and design in her repertoire.  She has built a supporting local team that excels in SEO, Social Media Management, Website Development, Design, and myriad other areas.  She also draws from her extensive network for talent to support a unique client’s requirements.   She takes a great deal of pride in delivering websites and systems that are technologically solid, with a beautiful cover that connects with visitors to those systems.

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