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Colors that most represent the Future Bright Brand.

Colorful, optimistic, happy, fresh.

Seasonal Colors

As seasons change, our colors change too.

We begin with apple blossom pink and Warbler yellow, that transform into summer lemon yellow, orange and pomegranate, and then deeper orange, red, and eggplant in fall.  In winter, colors fall away to expose tree bark, moist earth, and fibers left when leaves fall.  Some bright colors do surprise, like the tiniest burst of color from unexpected places like the tip of an iced-over pine branch, or berries still clinging to branches.

Note:  In winter, California only has snow in the mountains.  The rest of California becomes a beautiful green, as the rains arrive and everything starts to grow.  Mushrooms start to come up, and everything is lush.  The only hint of winter is the wool mittens and sweaters.




Winter (not holiday)

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