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 UPDATE!  DEC 19:  Most updates are going smoothly, but some are definitely not.  Unfortunately you won’t know until you do the upgrade.  If your business will be impaired by your website going down for 2-3 days, we recommend creating a clone of your site, and testing the update on the clone site.  There have been some issues with websites going down with the upgrade.  We also recommend waiting until after the December holidays have passed.  We can assist with the upgrade, the cost will be $500-$1000, and you will need to host with us thereafter.  We provide “Managed hosting” for $100/month which means that you would never have to pay for something like this again.

Some known issues:

  • Advanced Custom Fields


What Will Happen?

Will the release of WordPress 5.0 join the ranks of Y2K (soft barely a thump…sort of like a baby bunny hop…)?

If all goes well, the release of WordPress 5.0 will be a ho-hum event, and the promising future of native visual builders for WordPress will be upon us!  If not, older plugins may not work, and you may have difficulty editing your pages.  We will keep this page updated as the event unrolls.  WordPress will be made available December 6, and you will see a message on the dashboard of your WordPress website that you should do the update.

Will This Affect Your Website:

MOST websites do not automatically update.  If that is you, then you will be able to observe the change, and act accordingly before updating your WordPress version.  If your website automatically updates, there is still time to install the Classic Editor Plugin (listed below).

December 6, 2018 –  Wordpress 5.0 was released.

How To Upgrade Your WordPress Version To 5.0:  

  1. Read the Known Issues to see if any apply to you
  2. Take a back-up of your website
  3. Be familiar with your back-up system in case you need to revert to your backup
  4. Find out if your website will automatically update
  5. Create a clone copy of your website, or take the risk on your live site
  6. Have your developer’s email address and phone number at-the-ready
  7. Install the Classic WordPress Editor plugin and activate it
  8. Click on the “Update To WordPress 5.0” link on your dashboard
  9. Try editing or creating a new page
  10. Go through your website to see if there are any layout issues
  11. If there are no issues, congratulations!
  12. If you DO have issues, be sure that Classic editor is active, consult with your site development team, or repair your site with a back-up

How Will Future Bright Websites Be Affected?

We have taken the following precautions for those sites that we still have access to (there have been so many over the years!)

  • All sites hosted by our hosting partner Rooster Grin will NOT be updated until we know the impact.  They are backed up daily.  Most have been created with the Patti theme, and our tests show that there will not be an impact
  • All sites hosted on our Pair.com network have the Classic Editor plugin installed

Request Assistance With The Upgrade

QUESTIONS? CALL US! 415-275-0970

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