Reviews Now Impact Your Google Ranking

Review Management Software

  • Offer clients and customers an opportunity to grade you
  • Learn about their experience with your business
  • Capture frustration before it gets expressed online
  • Offer them links to give you a review
  • Manage reviews from multi-platforms on one dashboard
  • Respond to reviews from the dashboard
  • Share great reviews on social media
  • Publish reviews to your website
Review Icons

How We Support Your Reputation

Step 1:  Social Set-Up

We examine existing and create missing review platforms such as Google and Yelp for your business.

Google Reviews

Step 2:  Customer Engagement

We send out a survey to past clients, and create a plan for future clients.

Step 3:  Publish & Monitor

Publish reviews on website, interact with new reviews.

Our Plans

Level 1: Don't Got No Reputation
  • $500 Set-Up
  • 3 Month Contract
  • Social Set-Up
  • Dashboard Set-Up
  • Survey Creation
  • Process Review
  • Access To Dashboard
  • Total Price:  $800
Level 3: Bad Reputation
  • $500 Set-Up
  • 3 Month Contract
  • Review & Strategy
  • Social Clean-Up
  • Platform Set-Up
  • Survey Creation
  • Widget On Website
  • Process Review
  • Total Price:  $2000

Review Platforms

You can use a link to any website, and the below platforms are integrated into the review management system already.

Review Icons all
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