Put The Golden Touchpoints To Work For Your Business!

The Golden Touchpoints Ultimate Package
Future Bright - Wendy Louise Nog
Wendy Louise Nog - Future Bright Founder, Digital Strategist

Two Hour Consultation  $399


  • Brand Messaging Quiz
  • Tools Recommendations

Call Topics:

  • Review Your Sales Funnel
  • Review Brand Messaging
  • Identify Gaps
  • Identify Next Steps
  • Plan Your Sales Workflow

Full-Day Intensive Workshop$1179


  • Two Hour Pre-Consultation
  • Brand Messaging Quiz

Full Work Day Includes:

  • Map out your sales funnel
  • Identify Gaps
  • Create Missing Golden Touchpoints*
  • Unify Brand On Social
  • Create and Start Ads
  • Plan Your workflow
  • Create An Action Calendar
  • Identify Next Steps


  • Includes One Month of Touchpoint Management

*You must have a functioning mobile-ready website in place.

The Golden Touchpoints Chart - Future Bright
The Golden Touchpoints Ultimate Package

Full Day Workshop Details

The Golden Touchpoints:

  1. Auto Responder
  2. eNewsletter
  3. Facebook Ad
  4. Facebook Post
  5. Google Ad
  6. LinkedIn Share/Post
  7. Online Review
  8. Personalized Email
  9. Phone Call
  10. Referral From Client
  11. Search Engine Results
  12. Video Somewhere
  13. Website Contact Form
  14. Website Home Page
  15. Website Opt-In Form
  16. Website Product Page


  1. Clickable Phone Number On Website
  2. Client Lounge Access
  3. One month of Golden Touchpoint Maintenance & Support


  • Heatmap Access 24/7 on 3 pages
  • Monthly Google Analytics Report


  • Pen Design


The Golden Touchpoints Monthly Support Package

Price:  $650/month

  • Writing/Editing Monthly Blog Article
  • Posting blog to site and social media
  • Fast Loading Website
  • Google My Business Management
  • Blog Posting To Google My Business
  • 1 hour of development time per month

Google Services:

  • Google Analytics/Search Console Reporting
  • Google My Business Management

Back-End Components:

  • Monthly Site Performance Report
  • Security with Malware Removal
  • Downtime Support
  • Managed Software Updates
  • Plugins
  • Theme Updates
  • WordPress Updates

The Work Day

Prior to the arrival of our work day together, we will be exchanging information and doing preparation so that our time can be as efficiently managed as possible.  We will also be forming a schedule for the work day. My team will be backing us up before, during, and after the work day.

Meeting Location

We will meet at your location, or a mutually agreeable space.  I can drive or fly to you.  Travel expenses are not included in the project cost and will be additional.

Typical Work Day Schedule

  1. Schedule Review
  2. Sales Process Review
  3. Gap Identifying
  4. Brand Messaging Exercise
  5. Social Media Account Updates
  6. Google My Business Updates
  7. Website Set-Up
  8. Contact/Opt-In Creation
  9. Email & Newsletter Automation
  10. Analytics & Search Console Review
  11. Activity Calendar Creation
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