A Mighty Team

Welcome To The Future Bright Family!

When you have a group comprised of professionals that are motivated by challenges, that love to learn and share, are great at listening and then providing their expertise for building systems that launch clients forward, it is like magic.  Finding just the right people for your team is a little bit of chance, a little bit of luck, and a lot of collaboration.

Wendy Louise Nog, M.S.T.M.

Founder, Digital Strategist

This is the Future Bright team.  We love to collaborate, share our knowledge, and to smooth out pain points.  We can do this well because our core team spans four generations.  We can look at each project with many different perspectives and a wide range of expertise.  Our experience spans the entire 25+ years of the life of the internet.

Kharla Vezzetti

Client Success Manager

Adonica Shaw

Adonica Shaw

Social Media Strategist

Melissa Negri

Melissa Negri

Project Administrator

Ayesha Sultan

Ayesha Sultan

Digital Asset Manager

Kim The Awesome

WordPress Developer

Allison Rolls

WordPress Developer

Tracey Pettis

Squarespace Designer

Emily Ferguson

Junior Quality Assurance Associate

Jay Gilman

Senior Designer

Design Partners

Designers have their own styles and expertise.
We work with a wide range of local designers depending upon the needs of each client.
Below are a few of those designers, to inspire you.

Crafty Modern

Sandra Busta

Renee Harcourt | Marin

Make A Statement

Renee Harcourt

Modern Retro

James Van Kriedt

Gilman Design | Corte Madera

Classic Beauty

Jay Gilman


Wendy Louise Nog

Future Bright: Brand Design


Tom Gehrig

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