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What Is A Better Investment:
Social Media or SEO?

Social Media can be used to quickly drive traffic to your website.  If you then have an engaging interface that encourages visitors to explore additional pages on your website, this shows that your content is relevant to a particular type of visitor and search.  Google takes note, and boosts your ranking for those types of searches.  For this reason, it is important to consider social media and SEO as working together.

Our Social Media & SEO Services

When you are wanting to increase traffic to your site, or increase sales, you may need help in deciding how to focus your energies and funds.  Because of our many years of experience working with brands, we can help you determine what will have the greatest positive impact and maximize your resources.

Our method typically entails first ensuring that your site is using all of the best practices such as using meta tags and image alt tags, site speed & SSL.  We put analytics in place for measuring traffic, then use Social Media to drive traffic to your site, which is faster than getting SEO results.  We use heat maps & analytics to see how visitors interact with your site, and with that knowledge, then modify the site content, organization and layout for achieving your engagement goals.  By the time this has been executed, which takes a couple of months, Google will have started to pick up your site, and your pages will begin to appear in searches.  We can then use Search console to even more closely fine tune your site based on what searches are being done, and how you rank in those searches.

How To Work With Social Media And SEO

  1. Install Analytics Tracking Onto Your Website
  2. Create social media profiles on relevant platforms
  3. Identify key words to use in your content
  4. Write content on your website
  5. Share your content on social media to drive traffic back to your website
  6. Use UX to encourage visitors to look at multiple pages
  7. Read your analytics reporting to learn what is/not working.
Grow Team

$100,000 Sales Goal

Just Getting Started?  Need to get organized with your online presence?  Our Grow Team will put all of your channels in place!

Sunrise Team

$500,000 Sales Goal

Have a bit of momentum but need an extra push to boost engagement with your brand?  Our Sunrise team will create an execute a masterful engagement strategy.

Sky Team

$1 million Sales Goal

Do you need a team to skillfully manage your engagement channels?  Our Sky Team guides high functioning brands to even greater success!

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What To Expect:  Most websites score a C or lower their first time.  Sites usually do relatively well with security, not so great with performance, average with SEO, and surprisingly, poor with Social Media.  If your site scores poorly, don’t despair!  Think of it as an opportunity to refine and shine!

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